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Olivier Maire, MD Hearsay Social en Insurance World Challenges

Olivier Maire, MD Hearsay Social en Insurance World Challenges

OlivierMaireInterview Olivier Maire, Director General EMEA en Hearsay Systems
Olivier se incorporó a Hearsey Systems hace 3 años y ha desarrollado el mercado de la compañía en Francia y el sur de Europa antes de asumir la Dirección General de EMEA.
Cuenta con más de 20 años de experiencia trabajando para compañías líderes, especialmente en Servicios Financieros, ayudándoles a potenciar los procesos tecnológicos incrementando sus ventas y desarrollando estrategias de marketing optimizando la experiencia cliente.
Durante estos tres últimos años en Hearsey Systems, ha trabajado con las Top Compañías de Seguros en Europa en la transformación digital y como agentes sociales.

COI. Regarding your participation at the Insurance World Challenges 2017, could you please give us some ideas about your speech “Empowering Agents to be High-Tech and High Touch”?.

OM. Sure. It is going to be all about Empowering advisors. Today, most companies who invest in digital, do so on the corporate channels – corporate social media pages, corporate website etc.  But the people in the company that have the relationships, the advisors are not enabled with the right technology tools to deliver a seamless customer experience.  Advisors must leverage technology to deliver a consistent client experience.   Moreover, technology can be a great enabler for increasing productivity,  freeing up their time from routine tasks so they can focus on high-value, relationship-deepening client interactions.

10 years ago, Steve Jobs released the iPhone and the mobile revolution has changed how we do things. It’s hard to imagine a world without smartphones anymore. Customer expect from companies and service providers instant and mobile communication. But why is it, that most insurance agents still market as if it’s 2007? Half of them do not use technology tools at all in order to engage on digital channels with customers. Others are poorly using Social Media as a digital channel. Most of them have old websites or worse, don’t own one at all.

We know agents want to catch up with technology. We see lot of agents promoting 1×1 communication on their facebook pages. We know that multi-channel digital touches build loyalty. So, the question is: What are companies doing to empower agents to use technology to better engage with customers?

This is why we are convinced that the future of the insurance industry is to empower their agents to become High Tech & High Touch.

COI. What are the main challenges, changes and opportunities that the Insurance Industry will face within in the next years?

OM. Customer expectations will continue to evolve and will demand similar experiences like Amazon, Uber or Starbucks, from companies in any industry, including service providers like insurance agents.

A new generation of customers, especially millennials, who are already joining the workforce and will very soon inherit wealth as never before, are extremely digitally savvy customers, who engage with content via video and communicate via text. Agents need to figure out how to reach and connect with this type of customers.

Much of the advisor force is either aging or seeing a big turnover.  This will challenge insurance companies to figure out how to make advisors productive quickly so they can impact the business.

COI. How can Hearsay help insurance Companies to improve sales?

OM. Hearsay offers leading advisor cloud solutions for insurance and financial services, empowering advisors to efficiently and compliantly use multiple digital channels like social media, websites, text and email to engage with customers, build stronger relationships and grow their business.

How does that look like? We help marketing departments generate awareness for advisors, for example, by automatically publishing the right content at the right time in the name of the advisor, through the advisor’s facebook page. Additionally, Marketing can centrally create facebook advertisements that gets distributed locally on behalf of the advisor. Agents increase their reach and raise awareness without having to be a digital marketing expert and they can maximise their productivity!

Moreover, we are heavily investing in making our platform as easy and as helpful as possible by adding new channels. The newest addition to our platform is the 1:1 Messaging capability. Advisors can leverage messaging to deepen relationships with clients such as following up after a meeting, and sending real-time market and product updates. They can dramatically increase productivity by scheduling birthdays, congratulatory wishes, appointment and billing reminders, in advance, and this way can utilize Hearsay as a digital selling tool.

Hearsay’s digital selling tools for advisors directly integrate with the client’s CRM systems ensuring that all agent activities are captured. Insights from the CRM system can drive next best actions for the agents.

COI. Can you tell us three reasons not to miss the Conference Insurance World Challenges 2017?


  1. Chance to learn about the latest trends that are affecting the Insurance industry
  2. Unique opportunity to meet industry leaders and exchange knowledge and strategies
  3. It is always a pleasure to be in Madrid!

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