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Marcus Downing, de Korn Ferry Hay Group en Insurance World Challenges 17

Marcus Downing, de Korn Ferry Hay Group en Insurance World Challenges 17

MarcusDowning400COI. Regarding your participation at the Insurance World Challenges 2017, could you please give us some ideas about your participation at the panel “The talent of the future”?.

MD. Insurance, like the rest of financial services, is facing real change and some real challenges. Korn Ferry works with a wide range of Insurers globally and therefore we are in a unique position to look across the industry, look across all levels of staff and organisational functions to understand how the industry is responding and what the implications are for talent in the future.

COI. What are the main challenges and opportunities that the Insurance Industry will face within in the next years?

MD. There are some well documented themes like digital disruption, cost-optimisation, customer orientation, risk and regulation. However, predictions, no matter how popular, are not guarantees of the future. Insurers need to think and act in two speeds: protect and slowly evolve the core business over time, whilst being agile and dynamic enough to encourage,  embrace and accelerate innovations that can keep their competitive edge for long term future prosperity.

COI. ¿How can organizations create a suitable environment to engage people during these tough times of rapid growth, disruptive digitization, complexity and globalization

MD. The right leadership capability is absolutely critical. Both customers and employees are incredibly diverse and will need leaders that can bring out the best of this breadth and deliver value to these and other organisational stakeholders. Leaders will not have all the answers and they must be able to harness the thinking of this diverse landscape, help orchestrate the best ideas, harness discretionary effort, whilst not losing focus on ever more demanding excellence in day to day execution. Leaders will demand change from their employees, but inevitably that change begins with themselves.

COI. Can you tell us three reasons not to miss the Conference Insurance World Challenges 2017?

MD. There has never been a more important time to reach outside of your organisation, to listen and reflect on the ideas of a diverse set of Thinkers and Executives who might stimulate breakthrough ideas for your own organisation. Whether the ideas come from people on the stage or the conversations over coffee. Everyone needs time to innovate and these Conferences are a crucial part of the recipe for making that happen.

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