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Yosef Kaplan, Vice President of Global Sales at Novidea, participará en Insurance Innovation & Talent Transformation

Yosef Kaplan, Vice President of Global Sales at Novidea, participará en Insurance Innovation & Talent Transformation

Yosef Kaplan, Vicepresident of Global Sales at NOVDEA

Entrevistamos a Yosef Kaplan, Vicepresidente Global de Ventas de Novidea

COI. ¿What are the main challenges, changes and opportunities that the Insurance Industry will face within the next years?

YK. Insurance brokers and agencies are seeing a major shift in the way they work. At Novidea, we identified a number of key trends in the industry. In the past, brokers and agents were only focused on the operational side and wanted to provide a checklist work process. The speed of innovation and a changing competitive landscape have changed everything. Brokers have a choice to make, be proactive in moving your workflow to a more customer-centric environment or wait for the competition to start your taking your market-share.

The server based technology was good for the 1990’s and helped to check the operational box. Successful brokers need technology that will help them drive growth in revenue and profitably. The first question that we get is, how does the solution show me a ROI. Profit margins are getting squeezed as commission rates are shrinking. Brokers need solutions that will help them drive both top and bottom-line growth. They are expanding the number of products they sell or growing via M&A. Either way the technology must help them grow and not hold them back. We see increased requirements from local regulators and the brokers solution must be open and flexible to solve the regulators needs quickly.

Many insurance companies are changing the way they work with brokers. Many still have manual paper based workflow while others have upgraded to a complete electronic process. Brokers need to make sure that they partner with an innovative company that can help them adapt and integrate with upgrading insurance companies. The future is full of opportunities for brokers that are aligned with the right innovative technology, that can adapt and grow with them.

COI. Regarding your participation at the Insurance Innovation & Talent transformation 2016  #InNovTalent, could you please give us some ideas about “How does Novidea contribute to the insurance industry?”.

YK. As a global leader in technology for insurance brokers and agents, Novidea brings best practices to the conference. Our innovations will help both the local and global brokers in Spain take their business to the next level of growth and profitability. Providing real-time visibility into the brokers front & back office is a powerful differentiator. Local brokers can now make decisions based on a true customer-centric workflow that helps them to grow the business. Novidea provides real-time actionable business intelligence (BI) so that brokers understand the customer’s needs and changing market trends. Our integration ready solution is already connected to many local insurance companies, SEPA and the government’s DGS system. In addition to serving the needs of the front & back office, our platform is ready to serve the brokers retail division with a flexible B2C portal. As the only complete end-to-end solution for insurance brokers built in the cloud, our future in the Spanish market looks very strong.

COI. Can you tell us three reasons not to miss the Conference Insurance Innovation?

YK. First reason is to hear from the industry experts about future trends in both Spain as well as globally.

Second reason is that the conference is a great networking opportunity for the insurance leaders in the Spanish market.

The insurance industry is moving very fast these days and you must make sure to stay ahead of the curve. The third and most important reason is to ensure that you do not fall behind the changing rules, regulations and trends.



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