Jean-François Gasc, especialista sobre tendencias y expectativas de los consumidores de seguros, ponente en Life Insurance Challenges de Madrid

Jean-François Gasc, especialista sobre tendencias y expectativas de los consumidores de seguros, ponente en Life Insurance Challenges de Madrid


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Interview to Mr. Jean François Gasc, Managing Director Accenture Management Consulting for Insurance Europe, África and Latino América.

COI. Regarding your participation at the Life Insurance 2015, could you give us some ideas about your speech “For a better understanding of Customers and development of next Generation offerings?” 

JFG. I am still finalizing my presentation but I can already tell that I will leverage our latest consumer and industry research to provide a view of the major trends in consumer expectation impacting Life & Pension insurers. On that basis we will than look beyond industry wide offering trends to look at what are already or could be additional or new value propositions Life insurers could bring to their client, with certainly a few lighthouse client cases to also illustrate this in practice. 

COI. What are the main actions that ACCENTURE has been taken to align new customer trends with product innovation in the Insurance & Pensions Industry?

JFG. We are very active in this space where we see great opportunities for insurers and ourselves as service provider to life & pension insurers.

I cannot mention all of them, but I would highlight:

  • Continuous worldwide screening of products and digital innovation resulting in our quarterly innovation series
  • Best in class Life & Pension innovation show case in our various Innovation center, particularly in our Sophia Antipolis European Technology Labs
  • Support and active participation in Fintech events and nurturing including this month in Barcelona
  • Insurance specific investments in our IOT platform which provides the unique feature of supporting telematics, connected home as well as connected health and wellness in a seamless architecture
  • As well as of course continuous research and client work on how to leverage analytics, data and artificial intelligence to better advice, serve and support clients.

COI. Can you tell us three reasons not to miss Life Insurance Challenges 2015

JFG. I have already had the opportunity to present at previous Community of Insurance Events, so I would definitely say a really attractive combination of:

  • First class attendance and networking opportunity
  • Great location
  • Fantastic set of speakers

Acerca del autor

Especialista en modelos de distribución de seguros, fusiones y adquisiciones, socializador del conocimiento, Comunicador y conferenciante.Ex Consejero – Director General de AXA AURORA VIDA, Ex DG de AURORA, Ex Consejero de sociedades participadas del BBVA. Asesor de entidades aseguradoras en varios países europeos y de Corredurías internacionales.Licenciado en Derecho por la Universidad de Deusto, Curso de Post grado en Dirección de empresas de UC Deusto.

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